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We offer a wide variety of consulting services for tele-medicine, home health, and long term care. If you or your facility would be interested in learning about what Proximity can do for you, please contact us today!



Our clinic located at 1415 N. Watts in Sayre, Oklahoma is now open and accepting new patients. Our family practice offers exceptional care with your health being our primary concern. You can contact us to set up an appointment or walk-in anytime.


We believe the most innovative healthcare can be delivered, not just in our clinic, but in a patient’s own environment. Through our new telemedicine service, we offer a full range of services to individual patients, whether living independently, at a nursing facility, or through home health services. With a simple call to our clinic, we schedule a time for one of our practitioners to visit a home, workplace, or facility. It’s beyond telemedicine. It’s Proximity.


Our home health services are designed with the patient in mind. We offer patients face to face encounters in their own homes for both acute and chronic care, Medicare Chronic Care Management, and phlebotomy & lab services.


There is no longer a need for residents to leave their facility to receive acute and chronic care via Proximity Tele-Medicine. We offer Antibiotic Stewardship Testing, phlebotomy & lab services, in addition to our Medicare Chronic Care Management program all done from the comfort of your residences homes.