Welcome to Proximity. We are a family practice clinic, and we’re moving healthcare beyond the doctor’s office. Your care is central to us. You deserve chiefessays.net the most innovative healthcare in the comfort of your own environment.

We get it. Sometimes, coming to the clinic is an impossibility; it just doesn’t fit your good essay topics schedule. So, we’ll come to you. All you have to do is call.

Our practitioners will come to your home or workplace, and the doctor is available through a secure, digital, face to face, live feed.

Your doctor. Your practitioner. Not someone who is “on call” and who doesn’t know you.
It’s beyond telemedicine. It’s Proximity.



With hundreds of years of experience, our medical professionals all have one thing in common, our priority is taking care of patients. Our ever growing team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, registered nurses, and trained medical staff are dedicated to helping patients in our clinic or in their own environment.